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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is your catchment area?

We take students from all our local primary schools in Gravesham and Dartford including Knockhall Academy and Stone St Mary’s Church of England School, the Brent School, Bean School and The Craylands School in Greenhithe.

If I am offered a place at Northfleet Technology College, how do I accept it?

To accept your school place, please return the acceptance form which is sent with the offer letter to Northfleet Technology College with the supplementary form which is available on the school website.

Will my child visit the school for a transition day?

We are following the latest advice from the Government on safe working practice for schools. This means that we are not able to invite Y6 students into school at the moment for a tour or a summer transition day. We will update this information as more advice is made available.

Will my child be in the same Learning Coach group as their friends?

We have students joining us from a large number of different primary schools. Students will be allocated to a community and Learning Coach. Learning Coach students may be with a different group of students than those in his class for lessons. It is likely, therefore, that students from the same primary school will be with other students. They will see other students they know at some point during the day as they will always be together during lunch and break times.

My child has additional needs. What extra help will they get?

Inclusion is a core value at Northfleet Technology College and we have very high expectations of all our students, whatever their additional needs. Our SENCO will meet with the SENCO of your child’s primary school to make sure that we understand your child’s individual needs and to plan for any support that needs to be put in place to allow your child to access a full and varied curriculum.

Will my child be able to take part in any clubs?

Extra curricular activities and clubs are central to the experience of all students at Northfleet Technology College. All students will be encouraged and supported to take part in a wealth of opportunities, including sport, music and the performing arts, creative activities, cultural visits, outdoor learning experiences, work experience and opportunities to develop leadership skills. There are extra-curricular clubs running every night of the week.

When will I be able to buy school uniform?

Our school uniform suppliers are Price and Buckland at: https://www.pbuniformonline.co.uk/northfleet

Will my child have homework?

All students are expected to complete homework. Students in Y7 have daily homework. Homework is set online using our Edulink platform. Students may complete their homework at Homework Club.

I have heard that you are very strict about school uniform. Is this true?

Yes! Students at Northfleet Technology College must look smart and professional at all times. This means we check uniform at the start of every day. Shirts must be tucked in, black leather or leather look shoes must be worn, trainers are not allowed other than for PE and students’ hair cuts should not be lower than a Number 2 cut. We are able to lend students items of uniform if they forget something but students who refuse to work in collaboration with us or who persistently choose to break uniform rules are sanctioned.

Is the work difficult?

The work at Secondary School is a continuation of what students have been learning in Year 6. Some of the learning will recap what students have done and then they will move on to build new concepts and ideas as Year 7 progresses. The teachers will plan learning carefully, so it is both accessible and challenging.

What equipment will I need?

All students need a bag to carry books and their equipment. Students should have usual stationary items along with a reading book, pencil case and a scientific calculator.

Will my child have to do tests or exams?

All students joining Northfleet Technology College complete assessments regularly so that we can check on their progress and plan any additional support, such as numeracy or literacy interventions. Reading tests are key to making sure that teachers plan work that challenges students at an appropriate level. Y6 students will complete reading and spelling assessments as part of their transition.

I’ve heard that students who disrupt learning are taken out of class. Is this true?

Learning in a disruptive free classroom is a commitment we make to all students at Northfleet Technology College. If students choose to disrupt someone else’s learning, the teacher will give them a warning and will remind them of the rules. If they choose to disrupt learning for a second time, they will be asked to complete their work in catch up after school.

What happens if my child is absent from school?

Excellent attendance is key to a student’s success, both academically and socially. We expect all students to meet our minimum target for attendance of 95%. If a student’s attendance falls below this, we meet with home to offer support and to explain the consequences of a failure to improve.

What happens if you are late to school?

There should not be any reason why you should be late to school each morning if you set off in good time and you are organised. Why not try timing the route from your house to school if you are planning to walk or cycle as part of your daily exercise? Lots of students arrange to meet their friends so they don’t walk by themselves. If you are taking the bus, you need not worry on the rare occasion that the bus is late – this is not your fault and you will not be sanctioned as this is beyond your control. The pastoral team keeps a record of your attendance and punctuality and school will contact your parents if your attendance is a concern. If you are late to school more than 3 times after this initial period, you will receive a sanction.

Caring and Inclusion

What do I do when I arrive at school?

Apart from the first day, you can enter the school from 7.45 and go to the restaurant for your breakfast or meet with your friends.

How much do lunches cost?

Our main meal and dessert cost £2.45. Our caterers operate a cashless payment system which will be set up on your arrival. Your son will receive a card which can be topped up by a machine in our school restaurant.

What should I do if I need to go to the toilet?

There are a number of toilets in the school and we will show you where they are on your first day. We avoid allowing students out during lessons for toilet breaks as this disrupts learning and plenty of toilets are available at break and lunchtime. Medical needs are catered for with medical evidence.

What should I do if I am worried about something, who do I see?

Talk things through with your friends first. Go to your Learning Coach or a member of pastoral support, all can give you advice. If you have concerns about bullying or the safety of another student, you must let your Learning Coach or your Pastoral Support Manager know as they can support you – they will come and discreetly talk to you.

Can I use my mobile phone in the middle of the day?

Mobile phones are useful for quickly communicating with friends and family. However, we have noticed that they can be a distraction from schoolwork and a barrier to talking face to face with those around you. We listened to our Student Leadership and decided to ask students to keep their phones switched off and kept in their bags. We do however allow students to use phones at break and lunch in the playground.

How much homework will I get?

Homework may be new to some of you but it is a great way for us to check you understand the knowledge you have learnt in lessons. You will get homework most evenings so try to do the homework pieces on the night you get it. If you would prefer to complete homework at school we do offer a Homework Club. Speak to your Learning Coach if you would like to access this when you start.

Will I have my own locker?

We do not have lockers. You will need to have a school bag big enough to carry your school belongings and PE kit.

ICT Provision at NTC

Will my son be provided with a school email account?

Yes. All students are provided with a school Outlook email account. This is used to communicate with students.

Will I need to purchase additional software for my son’s school work?

No. Northfleet Technology College provides students with a licence to download use the Microsoft Office suite at home whilst they are a pupil.

Will I need to purchase additional software for my son’s school work?

No. Northfleet Technology College provides students with a licence to download use the Microsoft Office suite at home whilst they are a pupil.

Additionally, we use Google documents to deliver lessons. This is a free to use suite, accessible using your son’s school login details.

We pride ourselves on being a technologically developed school that offers access to many computer applications from photography through to engineering.

Will my son be able to access his school work when at home?

Yes. The main platform we use to deliver lessons and provide access to resources is Google Classroom. This is accessible at home and often used for homework.

How will my son be kept safe when working online?

Northfleet Technology College has an excellent record in managing pupils’ use of the school network. We have a filtering system that checks on language and inappropriate phrases. All activity is logged.

If an issue arises, Northfleet Technology College has a CEOP trained ESafety Officer.

Will I need to purchase a laptop for my son to use at school?

No. All Year 7 pupils have access to a Google Chrome Book in lessons. From Year 9, all students are provided with a personal laptop.

Is provision made for conditions such as Irlen Syndrome?

Yes. Northfleet Technology College use applications and hardware to enable students to make rapid and continued progress.