Vision and Ethos

Mission Statement

Going Beyond to realise 21st Century learners who are respectful, motivated and aspire to succeed

Our objectives are to ensure:

Achievement is Outstanding

  • Our curriculum enables all to succeed in a competitive and constantly changing world.
  • Our teaching ensures all will progress at above national standards.
  • Our students’ attitudes and approaches to learning will be determined, optimistic and emotionally intelligent.

Outstanding members of Society

  • Our community has resilient students with the motivation, aspiration and communication skills necessary to make a positive contribution to the wider society.
  • Our nurturing community has supported the development of healthy minds and bodies.
  • Our community are principled, open-minded and caring citizens who show respect and tolerance for all.

Leadership is Outstanding

  • We look outwards to assimilate innovative practice in learning and leadership.
  • We will have developed a highly valued resource centre that actively contributes to the wider learning community of Gravesham and beyond.