Sixth Form Induction

Year 12

Thursday 3rd September

Students should arrive at 9.15am (no earlier than 9.10am please) and go directly to Zone 6, which is above main reception. Staff will be on hand to direct those new to NTC.

Students should wear full Sixth Form uniform:


  • All students: Headphones must not be worn or in sight. Hoodies and hats must not be worn. Lanyard to be worn at all times. All outerwear should be removed at the start of every lesson.
  • Main uniform: tie and shirt for males with full collar and button done up. Modest professional dress for female members taking into consideration the length of hemlines, splits and low plunging necklines.
  • Academy uniform: Academy kit (as purchased through NTC), and trainers.
  • Drama uniform: Black tracksuit bottoms, black polo shirt, trainers.

What is not appropriate:

  • Jeans, denim or denim look trousers, shirts or blouses.
  • Leggings, when worn with short tops.
  • Informal trousers.
  • Spaghetti straps (shoe string) tops unless worn under a jacket or cardigan.
  • Trainers (unless part of the academy or wearing the Drama uniform).
  • Tops with slogans or large motifs.
  • Hooded tops.
  • Shoes should be sensible footwear.  Flip flops are not considered professional dress. Please note in Science lab and DT practical areas there should be no open toe shoes on the grounds of health and safety.
  • Facial piercings or large ‘stretcher’ earrings.

Any students joining us from other schools who have not returned the admissions form should do so either my email or on this Induction Day.  You will also need to electronically sign the Student Contract, which you will have received via email.  If you are missing either, or have any other queries please contact us at

The outline of the day is as follows:

Session 19.15-10.00Welcome: Student Handbook & Expectations
Session 210.00-10.30Summer Project Review
Session 310.30-11.00Building Together
Session 411.15-11.45What is the PQLI?
Session 511.45-12.15VESPA
Session 612.15-12.45Meet your Learning Coach

Remember: There will be no onsite refreshments available so please bring a snack if you require one during the morning break.

Year 13/14

Friday 4th September

Students should arrive at 11am (no earlier than 10.50am please) and go directly to Zone 6. There will be no access to other parts of the school site on this day.

The session will include:

  • Details of the timetable restrictions in place for Term 1 as a result of COVID
  • Student protocols and expectation as a result of the restricted timetable
  • Sharing of timetables and resolving of any issues that arise
  • Finalise Y14 students timetables and next steps

The session will finish by approximately 12.00, unless students need individual support from the Sixth Form team.