The school day timings

The School Day

The school is open from 7am to 6:30pm. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.
The school is open from 7am to 7pm Thursday’s unless additional hours have been booked.
There is a community briefing every Monday at 8.20 in respective community zones.
Pips sound at these times below to signal the changes in the school day.

The school day is structured as follows:  All Yr 7 – 11 students must be in school for 8:35am in order to attend morning registration at 8:40am

 Yr 7Yr 8&9Yr 10&11Yr 12&13
8.50-9.50Period 1
9.50-11.10Period 2 & breakBreak           9.50-10.10Period 2             9.50-10.50
Period 2       10.00-11.10Break                10.50-11.10
11.10-12.10Period 3
12.10-1.40Period 4 & LunchPeriod 4Lunch 12.10-12.40Period 4
Lunch 12.40-1.10Period 4
Period 4Lunch 1.10-1.40
1.40-2.40Period 5