Up to this point in your educational journey, you have been building your skills and knowledge in a broad range of subjects. However, the time has come to start thinking about the areas you feel you can shine in, and also what subjects you’ll need to get to where you want to be in the future. This is the point where you can start to tailor your timetable to your needs and desires. The more you get involved in the process now, the more you will get out of the next few years of your education.

Everyone is different, we all enjoy different things and learn in different ways, but this process of choosing your subjects is all about YOU. All the qualifications you can choose from in the Options Booklet are designed to make sure that you can move on with your studies at the next big options point, when you are 16. The key to being in the right place at the end of Year 11 is to make sure you have a broad and balanced range of qualifications, the way we run the choices you can make, is designed to ensure you can do that. In other words don’t put too many eggs in one basket. It’s important to remember that at the end of Year 11 people are normally more interested in what you’re capable of achieving in a range of subjects rather than what you know in one specific area!

The most important thing now is that you make decisions for the right reason (i.e. your future) rather than just because you like the teacher, or it’s what all your friends are doing! There is lots of support around to draw on including parents, friends, relatives, Learning Coach, Head of Learning Community, subject teachers and for really independent advice there is also a range of other sources listed at the end of the booklet, so make use of them. You may want to try something that you know you can achieve well as to enhance your CV, or you may know exactly what you need for your career of choice.

Just be sure you make your decisions for the right reasons!



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