Welcome to NTC and to your Learning Community which is Spielberg.  You will be in Spielberg throughout your time at NTC.

My name is Mrs Donaldson and I am head of Spielberg Learning Community.  As well as your learning coach who you will meet later on, there are some other people that you will get to know and their names are Ms Fitzgibbon who is a Learning Programme Director and Ms Campbell, our Progress Manager who will be working with you and your teachers to make sure that you reach your full potential while you are at NTC.

We do lots of things together as a Community and these include Community Hour, which we have every week in Zone 1 with all of the other students and staff members in Spielberg, registration, Inter-Community competitions and raising money for and supporting charities.  The competitions are football, basketball and whole school Sports Day. During Community Hour we work in groups of mixed ages from Year 7 up to Year 11 and we find out about how to be a good Citizen. We also celebrate achievement in lessons during our termly Achievement Assembly.  If you have worked hard or been helpful to others, you may be nominated by your teachers to receive an Achievement Certificate.

Spielberg is also known as the yellow community as that is the colour of our Zone and the colour that we wear during inter-community competitions.  Our mascot is ET – think why that might be!  The animal we all chose to represent us is the Bald Eagle, and this appears on our flag as well as the sports vests used during competitions.

I am really looking forward to you being part of the Community Team and hope that you enjoy your time at NTC.


Mrs L A Donaldson

Assistant Headteacher

Head of Spielberg Learning Community