Da Vinci

Congratulations, you’ve been assigned to the Community that is the home of intelligence and friendliness.  We strive to achieve our best, but also know how to play hard and fair when the time is right. That’s why our flag has the Dolphin, an animal that displays all these characteristics and so many more.

Da Vinci is of course named after the 15th Century Italian Renaissance polymath.  His skills and intelligence ranged from painting, sculpture and architecture, to Engineering and Science.  His inventive ideas show amazing creativity, many taking until our own life times for other technologies to catch up and allow such creations to be produced.  His works of art are still some of the most stunning ever created.

Each community is linked to one of the continents.  Da Vinci’s continent is Oceania, a large number of land masses of different sizes that are surrounded by water in the southern hemisphere.  Hence our links to the sea and the Dolphin.  Our colour is Green, which is also symbolic of our shared interest in all things healthy and balanced, a calm and peaceful colour.  It’s not surprising that our home Zone is the Green Zone.  Here you’ll meet each week for Learning Conversations, and also for Community Hour each week when we’ll cover a range of topics based around personal, social and health education plus celebrate your various achievements along the road.

You’ll be assigned to one of our team of Learning Coaches who will support you through your time with us.  You will also have a chance to get to know all the other students from across different year groups who also have the good fortune to be proud Da Vincians.

Alongside your Learning Coach, other key people you’ll get to know are:

Mr Ibbetson –  Head of Learning Community

My job is to oversee your wellbeing and progress during your time at NTC.  I am there to offer you any extra help or support you might need, working closely with your Learning Coach as well.

Mrs Melville and Ms Roche

Mrs Melville is your Progress Manager.  Her role is to keep a close eye on your grades and to offer any additional support or advice you may need.  Ms Roche is your Learning Programme Director who supports the Community with our learning.  Both of these people act as deputies if I am unavailable.