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National Debate Competition

Our students entered the National Debating Competition run by Pixl, they had practiced hard during the months leading up, and this showed, as the judges expressed how impressed they were with their use of language and material preparation. The team of 3 debaters and 2 helpers had to compete in 3 preliminary rounds where points were given and lost. The two teams with the most points at the end of the day would move forward to a final debate, which would decide who would be crowed regional champions and progress to the big final in London later in the year. There were 28 schools in attendance, and our students did us proud with their determination and initiative cross examination of the teams they faced. Unfortunately, although they battled hard, at the end of three rounds, they were short of the points needed to be in the top 2 teams, therefore will not be moving forward. However, they have vowed to return next year and return victorious. 


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