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Monoprint Exchange Project

In October, the Year 8s at NTC took part in a Monoprint Exchange Project with a school in Malawi.

I went to Malawi to do some charity work and also visited a school to teach Art. The school I visited had students aged 6 -18 and the size of the school was approximately 3300, with 46 teachers. The class sizes were up to 200 students and were mostly educated outside, underneath a tree.

Due to resources, Art is rarely taught at school in Malawi. So the school I visited was very happy to accommodate an Art Teacher. Each student in 8AO, 8DP and 8DT created a Self Portrait Monoprint and Autobiography that was taken out to Malawi. Their Artwork was well received by the students I taught. And in exchange, the students I taught created a Monoprint of themselves to give back to the boys at NTC.

The boys at NTC took great pride in the Artwork they created, and showed a huge interest in what school is like in Malawi. It sparked thought-provoking conversations and a new appreciation for their education system.

Mrs Millar

Art Teacher


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