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IB 2018 Summer Results

A big congratulations goes out to our Year 13 IB students who received their Level 3 IB exam results early this month. These students are well on their way to the next chapter in their lives, and have developed into not only academic achievers, but well-rounded individuals.

An extra congratulations goes to the group of students who completed their Silver Arts Award, working as part of a Pilot Project with the Royal Opera House Bridge

IB Students Visit Southampton University

This term a group of IBCP students were invited to Southampton University to work with Dr. Richard Penny from the ‘Learn With US Transition team’ on their Reflective Project. The day involved students being given full access to the University’s Hartley Library and computer rooms to research their chosen ethical issue, as well as exploring the University campus.

Dr. Penny commented afterwards that the students ‘all worked brilliantly and were a credit to NTC’.  Of course, an extra thank-you goes to Ms Setters who drove us there in the heatwave!

Photos of Students: Wiktor, Tyler, Jake, Liam, Matthew, George, James

IB students raise money for charity

At the end of term 5, Year 12 IB students organised a charity coffee morning, raising money for Plastic Oceans UK.  The charity was chosen by the students following some discussions on plastic pollution as part of their ‘critical thinking’ work.  Fitting in with tradition, music students performed a live acoustic set while the IB students served refreshments around the school.  Thanks to the kind donations from staff, friends and family, the event was a success, raising £127.07.  Well done to all involved.

Photo of Students Jake, Lewis, Tyler

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E Campbell, IB Coordinator


NTC Summer Fringe Festival

The end of this term sees NTC hosting our first ‘NTC Fringe Festival’, celebrating the years success in Music and Art then followed by the annual Sports Award Evening.

A big thank-you goes to all involved, and of course the students who created the amazing artwork and provided the live music.

E Campbell, Teacher of Music/Progress Manager

Music Team achieved ‘Music Mark’ status

This term, the Music Team applied to Kent Music to be awarded ‘Music Mark’ status, recognising the teams ‘high-quality music education by influencing, supporting and connecting’. After a gruelling bid process, the team was awarded the status and you’ll be seeing a new logo appear in September.

E Campbell, Teacher of Music/Progress Manager


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