Home Learning Guidance

You will find a variety of information, including updates from the Headteacher, access points for a variety of learning resources and how to contact us via the links on the right of this page. There are also further details on how we are currently providing learning resources and how you can gain online support with your learning below.

Don’t forget, in addition to the work being provided by your teachers, the following websites also offer a wealth of resources to support learning from home for all year groups:

Should you have any questions, please do contact your Learning Coach in the first instance via Edulink One.

Please do also take a moment to look at these webpages which give guidance on keeping your child safe online.

How are learning resource being provided?

Year 7 & 8

Resources are being provided in Workbooks that are published fortnightly on our website (or they can be posted home if requested via your Learning Coach). Students are also recommended to access the resources available via the websites listed above. In addition, some subjects are providing additional enrichment tasks via Google Classroom, where appropriate, as listed on the Key Stage 3 webpage.

Year 9, 10 & 12

Based on student feedback, resources are now provided on a Monday via Google Classroom for the week. Unless otherwise stated, this should be ‘handed in’ via Google Classroom for feedback and further guidance.

How can I get support from my teachers online?

Teachers are available online during your normal timetabled lessons unless stated otherwise in the table below. In all cases, please be patient if you don’t get an immediate response as they may be busy supporting another student and unable to respond immediately.

English Daily 9am to 12pmDaily 9am to 12pm
MathsDaily 9am to 12pm:
Year 7
Ms Van Zyl
Mr Akahazzan
Year 8
Ms Deprete
Ms Roche
Daily 9am to 12pm:
Year 9
Mr D'Silva
Mr Morris
Year 10
Ms Murray
Ms A Severns
Ms F Severns
Daily 9am to 12pm:
Mr Jenkins
Ms O'Shea
Ms Taylor
ScienceDaily 9am to 12pmDaily 9am to 12pm Daily 9am to 12pm
ArtDaily 9am to 12pm:
Ms Hayes (not Fri)
Ms King (Fri only)
Ms Parrott
Daily 9am to 12pm (except Fridays)
BusinessDaily 9am to 12pmDaily 9am to 12pm
Design TechnologyDaily 8.30am to 12.30pm:
Mr Childs
Mr Fitzgibbon
Mr Summerfield (not Mon)
Daily 8.30am to 12.30pm:
Mr Peake (Mon/Tues only)
Mr Summerfield (not Mon)
Mr Riddle (not Thurs)
Mr Fitzgibbon
Daily 8.30am to 12.30pm:
Mr Summerfield (not Mon)
Mr Riddle (not Thurs)
MediaDaily 9am to 12pm:
Mr O'Neill
Ms Richmond
Daily 9am to 12pm:
Mr O'Neill

Note: Contact your normal class teacher during the times stated, unless another teacher is listed.

Why am I getting an email from my Learning Coach each Monday?

So we can keep in touch with everyone during this period, your Learning Coach will touch base with you each Monday via email to check you are managing your work and also to check on your general wellbeing. Do make sure you reply to put their mind at rest, otherwise they may want to contact your parents to check everything is okay. You can also contact them at any point if you have anything you need help with and they will be happy to support.