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Enchanted Forest, Groombridge Place

[envira-gallery id=”1286″]Enchanted Forest, Groombridge Place

‘If you go down to the woods today, you’re sure of a big surprise…”

27 NTC students and 4 members of staff had a fantastic time in the Enchanted Forest last week.

Never has just a walk in the woods seemed so appealing – we saw giant swings, an Indian campsite, a Romany Gypsy camp, a Totem Pole, dinosaur eggs, prints, bones and a very scary Pterodactyl that was hanging from the trees.  Giant ferns guided us through the trees and took us to the beautiful lagoon where we all caught our breath. Some thought the water looked really inviting as we were blessed with a beautiful day of sunshine.

We had a picnic on the rolling lawns whilst the peacocks showed no fear and happily munched on bits of bread and crisps! To round off, we made a final visit to the Robinson Crusoe Adventure where a massive game of manhunt finished the perfect day.  Everyone, tired and weary, boarded the mini buses back to Kent but not before we had a final visit to see Adam the Zeedonk (half donkey half zebra).  Some of the students were convinced that the stripy legs had been painted on!

Comments from our students who took part in the day:

Tom Hatter Yr 9: ‘Enticing, energising, enjoyment.’

Reedwan Momin Yr 9: ‘Amazing, calming, relaxing – enjoyable.  I would recommend to anyone’.

Jermaine Dee Yr 8: ‘Good, interesting, fun…enchanting.’

Jamie Oliver Bennett Yr 8: ‘Fun, a little bit hard, but I would definitely go again.’



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