Business & Enterprise

What is special about this subject?

Within business we stimulate curiosity, develop entrepreneurship, financial understanding and grow responsible leaders to create a collaborative and sustainable global society.

What is the Learning Journey through this subject?

BTEC Enterprise

What will I learn on this course?

The BTEC qualification in Business is designed to give you a good insight into the lucrative world of Business. The course has been designed with the student in mind; we have tried to incorporate many successful activities from the past and many more new ones.

The most successful businesses in this world are those that have “kept it real”;therefore we have tried to do the same with this course. You will study the following units during the course:

  • Unit 1 – The Business Enterprise Environment (External Examination Unit)
  • Unit 2 – Researching a Concept for a New or Revised Product or Service (Internal Unit)
  • Unit 3 – Promoting and Financing an Enterprise Idea (Internal Unit)
  • Unit 4 – Planning and Pitching an Enterprise Idea (Internal Synoptic Unit)

How is this qualification taught and assessed?

All units in this qualification are mandatory, which provides a balance of breadth and depth, ensuring that all learners develop the technical and practical skills required in the occupational area.  Learners are offered the opportunity to develop a range of transferable skills and attributes expected by employers.

The qualification is heavily based on students researching and working independently and collaboratively with their peers. One of the units will be externally assessed as an examination. Two are internally assessed as a piece of coursework and one unit is a synoptic internal assessment taking the form of a practical project that requires the learner to consider and select content that will enable them to apply their knowledge and skills from across the other units in an integrated way to develop a business plan and present it.

What qualification will I achieve?

You will achieve a BTEC Level 2 Technical Certificate in Business Enterprise (equivalent to 1 GCSE).

Where will this qualification take me?

This qualification can lead to further study at Sixth Form with the BTEC Level 3 in Business or access to The London Institute of Banking and Finance exams

How can I find out more?

You can find out more by contacting Ms FitzGibbon at: or the progress manager: