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Zone Learning

In English, students are taught in Zone lesson and classroom lessons. In the Zone, students are given topics or exam style questions in rapid paced lessons where students are placed in a variety of different groups based on their needs. When speaking with Y11 students recently, they all said that they find the zone learning more beneficial than classrooms, as it offers them the flexibility of space and gives them the chance to partake in interventions where needed. Max (Y11) said that ‘I prefer to work in the zone as it gives you more space to work and you get to hear a range of opinions and I also prefer a different variety of teaching methods’.

As you can see, our zones have a lot to offer students here at NTC and they are helping to develop and shape our learners ready for 21st Century employment and build on the skills of communication, team working and effective managers.

Mr Keating
Lead Practitioner

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