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Celebrating World Pi Day

To recognise World Pi day on the 14 March (written in USA as 3.14) learning coach groups had the opportunity to enter our World Pi Day poem challenge.

The aim was to write a verse with the number of words in each line corresponding to the digits of pi. Prizes were to be awarded for the best poem and the entry who could use as many decimal places of pi in their poem.

The longest any group reached 38 decimal places. The poem was written by Jack and Hayden (HHL)

The winning poem was written by

Harjeevan and Kai (ZWD)


Who likes pie?
Is my favourite kind.
Is my favourite fruit. Yum!
Rhubarb is so sweet, it makes my mouth bubble.
Shepherd’s Pie!
A treat after a long day.
It brings a family together;
Great British Tradition.
Sweet or savoury, you decide
A bite will nourish your taste buds forever.
Cooking it is a treat too. It is fun.
I dream about pie, day and night
I think to myself will mum make it tonight?
Such a joy
It’s good

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