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What Our Staff Say

Hear from our staff about their experiences here at Northfleet Technology College...

Mr B Edwards, Curriculum Enrichment Coordinator

I am delighted to return to NTC as I work towards becoming a qualified teacher. I joined NTC in Year 7 and left the Sixth Form as a confident, mature and driven individual, with the skills and qualifications I needed to pursue my chosen career.

The support I received as a student, from the teaching and support staff at NTC, made me the person I am today. Now this support continues as an employer. The school is supporting me with my university studies and teacher training whilst also allowing me to gain experience as a CEC (Curriculum Enrichment Coordinator). My ambition is to become a Drama teacher where I will work my way up the career ladder to one day manage a team.

It is extremely rewarding working here at NTC. I love working with young people and seeing them grow, develop and thrive and it is even better contributing to this.

Mr D Dunham, English teacher

I have always wanted to be a teacher - even when I was a child I used to dress up as a teacher for Careers Day. With every choice made in my own education, I had this aspiration at the forefront of my mind.

I truly believe there is no other school like NTC and my experience as a student here, inspired me to apply for a job. The school is creative; it fosters collaboration and gives students a voice and ownership for their learning. The facilities are outstanding and caters for the varied needs of our students – whether their ambitions are in sport, the arts or STEM.

As I continue my journey at NTC, I look forward to progressing personally and professionally, particularly as the school provides its staff with an abundance of CPD opportunities to help them in their current role and help them to progress further. So far, NTC provided me with the time and support to complete my degree at London South Bank University; and encouraged me to participate in a range of initiatives and programmes with local schools, including those within the Northfleet Schools Co-operative Trust.

Over the last 15 years I have seen NTC transform, and it is a pleasure to be a part of this journey.

Mr H Earley, Science Technician

 Motivated by the exceptional teachers I had here at NTC, and a desire to share my knowledge and experiences, I chose to pursue a career in teaching to inspire the next generation of students. The highlight of my time working at NTC so far is seeing the students light up in our Science Department, carrying out experiments that would not usually get to do.

I love working in such a friendly and supportive environment where we are working towards a common goal of providing the best possible education. I am excited for the direction in which the school is going and am looking forward to the opportunities this will bring for the students and my own professional development as a teacher.

Joshua, General Support Assistant

I completed my studies at NTC from Year 7 to Sixth Form, graduating in August 2017. A few years later, I was invited back as a General Support Assistant whilst I undertake my university degree and teacher training. I love the idea of being a role model to younger boys, inspiring and shaping them into confident young men.

My passion is music and so I aspire to be a Music teacher once I qualify. The Music Department is extremely strong here at NTC, from the modern technology and facilities to the incredible opportunities both within and beyond the classroom. It is a great place to learn and work!