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Welcome to Spielberg!

You are joining a Community that is big on the word Community.  We work together to raise money for charity, we compete in inter-Community competitions like football, basketball and sports day, of which we have won the most compared to other communities. We all get together in the mornings and afternoons to celebrate our successes and debate world issues. Our Community motto is ‘there is a CAN in the word CAN’T!’ meaning we never quit and we always work hard and understand that everyone’s efforts contribute to us being the best community team in the school, supporting each other always!

In Community time we will have fun by having regular Community games and quizzes as well as learn about being a responsible member of the Community inside and outside of school. Spielberg boys welcome new people and will help ease your transition from primary to secondary school. You need not have any worries, we will all be here to help.

Spielberg is a big team of Learning Coaches and support staff who you meet soon and they help you in every step of you school life in order for you to reach your full potential. Once you wear yellow, you will always be part of the big yellow family from the time you join to even beyond the time you leave, should have a problem or if you want to talk you can approach any one of us and especially myself Mr Akhazzan as your Head of Community where I strive to ensure you go beyond in your time here at NTC.

Spielberg is named after Steven Spielberg who is an American film director, producer, and screenwriter; he is the most commercially successful director of all time. Spielberg is the recipient of many accolades, including three Oscasrs for films such as E.T., Saving Private Ryan and my favourites Jurassic Park.

Like other communities, Spielberg is linked to one of the continents.  Spielberg’s continent is the Americas’ and this is celebrated in our emblem, an American Eagle. We even have a life sized eagle suit and if you are lucky you may see this from time to time.

As the Head of your Community I welcome you to a great team and look forward to seeing you in September

Mr Akhazzan