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The place for students to be on a school day is at school unless there is a very good reason.

NTC believes that full attendance is a key ingredient in helping to achieve success in school and in life, therefore expect students to always attend and arrive on time.  Northfleet Technology College therefore expects every student to have at least 97% attendance as a minimum.

If students are away from school then their parents must telephone the school each day that they are absent leaving a message on 01474 543624. Alternatively, email us at attendance@ntc.kent.sch.uk, giving the student name, Learning Coach group, Community and the reason for absence. Students should always bring a note from their parents when they return to school after being absent. However, a note from parents, alone, is not always acceptable and at times medical evidence will need to be provided either in the form of a medical appointment card or sight of the prescription or medication labels.

Sixth Form parents should email 6thattendance@ntc.kent.sch.uk when reporting an absence or to ring Mrs Setters on extension 3403 when dialling the main school number.

Shopping, looking after other children, day trips, etc are not good reasons for missing school. We would also ask that medical and dental appointments are made out of school time as these are still classified as a negative absence.

Parents/guardians must obtain permission from the Headteacher if they want to take their child out of school during term time. However it should be noted that absence cannot be agreed unless there are exceptional circumstances. Also if leave is granted it is up to the Headteacher how many days leave can be authorised.

An application to the Headteacher must be made in advance (from the parent/guardian the child normally lives with).  This must be made by the leave of absence form which can be found below.

Holidays are NOT permitted during school time and should not be booked. On very rare occasions for an exceptional circumstance you can request permission from the headteacher, however if granted it is still a negative figure on the boys attendance. Absence of Leave forms are available from Student Services. All holiday forms MUST be accompanied with a letter explaining the reason & severity of the situation requiring leave to be granted. Decisions to grant special leave are based on a number of criteria. A student’s overall attendance for each academic year will be investigated to see whether previous leave has been awarded and to assess the overall attendance percentage. Please do not book holidays without having first obtained agreement. If unauthorised leave is taken a Penalty Notice, from the Attendance & Behaviour Service will be issued to parents along with a possible fine of £120 to each parent including step parents with whom the child resides, for each child in school, this is reduced to £60 if paid within 28 days.

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