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Northfleet Technology College

Northfleet Schools Co-Operative Learning Trust

Northfleet Schools Co-Operative Trust is a collaboration between two secondary schools, five primary schools and a nursery, all located within Northfleet, Kent.

This initiative developed from schools who wanted to work closely together and support each other in their drive for excellence, whilst maintaining their own individual school identities.

Our vision is to achieve substantial and sustained improvement of standards across a dynamic learning community where all the young people in Northfleet and the surrounding area have their needs met.

Across all our schools, we will focus on:

  • Further improving the quality of learning and teaching
  • Further Improving the wellbeing of our young people
  • Building on the advantages of sharing resources and expertise
  • Improving value for money in a time of real terms reduction in funding
  • Supporting and developing current and future leaders

Already we have worked together on a variety of projects including:

  • Launch celebration and performance event
  • Shared peer reviews
  • Shared professional development covering areas such as growth mindset, leadership development and a ‘Teach Meet’.
  • Collaboration groups for support staff
  • Literacy and Numeracy projects
  • Transition events and Secondary school taster days

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Please visit the Northfleet Schools Co-Operative Trust website to find out more:

Trust website