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Northfleet Technology College


Welcome to Newton!

Congratulations, you’ve been assigned to the best Community in the school.

Newton is a successful Community and Newtonians work hard to make the best of the opportunities afforded to them.  This year, we have won the most Achievement Assembly certificates as well as a number of other events. Newton boys like being at NTC and regularly achieve top community for attendance. Newton have had a very successful year in the sports field too.

Newton boys are a caring community, they look after each other and others in the wider community. Newton has adopted a guide dog puppy who is being trained to help guide people with visual impairment.

Newton is also one of the friendliest Communities, a fact commentated on by visitors and even other Heads of Community. They wear their uniform with pride and like joining in. They want to do well and try their best.

Newton is of course named after the famous 17th Century scientist Sir Isaac Newton.  Newton described how gravity works, produced laws of motion (that NASA used 300 years after his death to land a man on the moon) and proved white light is formed from 8 different colours.  He was possibly the most visionary scientist ever… and students in his Community continue this proud tradition.

Each Community is linked to one of the continents.  Newton’s continent is Africa and this is celebrated in our emblem, a roaring lion. During community hour the boys learn more about the rich culture and fascinating geography of each of the countries in Africa over the five years they are at NTC.

As you embark on your Secondary school education, Newton will always be there for you. We are all very excited about you joining Newton.

Miss N J  Kaur

Assistant Headteacher