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Ms Moore - our tribute


It is with great sadness that we have to announce that one of our NTC family, Ms Moore, passed away after her long battle with cancer.

Some of you may never have met Ms Moore, but those of you that knew her will remember the amazing woman she was. Ms Moore joined us in 2016 and those of us that had the privilege to have known her and spent time with her, will remember a person who truly celebrated and loved life. Every day that she was with us, she filled us with laughter, smiles and an air of calmness that was unforgettable.

Ms Moore was an exceptional English teacher. Her passion and her love for teaching was infectious to those around her. She could take the most mundane and average topics and lavish them in descriptions and words that sparked and moulded the imagination.

In life, we rarely come across people that give themselves whole heartedly to the people around them. Ms Moore was one of these people. She was able to take those tough moments that we all battle with, and help those around her reflect on them in a way that brought comfort to them.

NTC would like to offer our condolences to Ms Moore’s family and especially to her children, one of whom was a very successful student here at the school with us. She is truly missed by all of us and will forever remain in our hearts.