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What Is Special About This Subject?

It sparks curiosity for our past, present and future; building transferable skills across the curriculum to grow leaders for 21st century success.

What Is The Learning Journey Through This Subject?

Key Stage 3 - GLAS (Great Learners Are Successful)


The GLAS curriculum is a project based approach to learning and delivers English, Geography, History, RE and ICT cross curricular studies.  GLAS also includes Learning 2, a comprehensive learning skills programme.  It enables students to move towards being independent learners.  It will develop ICT, thinking skills, study skills, problem solving skills and team skills in each student so allowing them to reach their full potential.  The GLAS curriculum is taught over a two year cycle in Year 7 and Year 8.

Geography is taught in GLAS (Project Based Learning) to mixed ability groups and work is differentiated to reflect the wide range of abilities and capabilities among our students.  Our programme of study is driven by the relevance and importance of geography and geographical skills to young people and the geographical underpinning of citizenship.  Geography gives us the opportunity to understand new knowledge, environments, places and societies and the processes found within.  The study of Geography can also help us to identify and examine the diversity of environments and places and how they interconnect on a wide range of scales – local, national, international, global.  The main themes in our programme of study which link to our overall curriculum aims are migrations and population, globalisation, climate change, sustainable development, conflict and resolution, global citizenship, culture and identity.

Through the study of History, students are better able to understand the society and world in which they live and how it has come into being.  In addition to this, it helps them expand their awareness of the culture and traditions of their country and develop the use of investigative skills to research particular topics and present findings accordingly.

Religious Education provides, within the curriculum, a reminder that education concerns the whole person, body, mind and spirit, and enables students to explore meaning and purpose in their lives.  Britain today is a multi-faith society and in order to prepare students for their future role in such a society, Religious Education at Northfleet Technology College takes the form of an objective, sympathetic study of the principal religions in the world today.  We aim to give students an understanding of the nature of religion and help our students develop their own moral codes and British values which take into account the effects of their actions on others.


The following areas are covered during the Key Stage:

  • I know I can do it
  • Shaping my own destiny
  • Live for today, hope for tomorrow
  • Knowledge itself is power
  • Changing world
  • Macbeth
  • Me, myself and I
  • Looking back, moving forward
  • Changes
  • Adult living
  • Experience teaches
  • Richard III


Assessments within GLAS take place on a project and termly basis.  The GLAS team will use a variety of assessments throughout the year.  Over the course of the week, teachers are involved in learning conversations with the students that they are responsible for.  These conversations are related to how the project is progressing and how the students are able to improve on their National Curriculum levels.


According to the latest information, employers are looking for a new type of employee!  They have asked for: successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens.  In response to this, we have devised a new learning programme which is designed to develop these skills in our students.  GLAS prepares students to be a 21st Century learner!

How can I find out more?

Contact Mr Deyzel: deyzelc@ntc.kent.sch.uk