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Exercising for Exam Success

‘Healthy body, healthy mind’…it’s not just good advice, it might actually improve your grades! 


Self-care is incredibly important during the exam period, eating well, sleeping well and exercising regularly all help keep your mind healthy. 


Exercise helps release tension and oxygenates the brain which helps you study more efficiently, keep calm and mentally relax.  Beat stress this exam season by following these top tips:


Regular Breaks – little and often

For revision to be more productive, take regular breaks.  Even a short walk around the block could be enough to clear your head so that you feel refreshed to start again.



You might feel overwhelmed or too busy but try to maintain a regular exercise routine.  Try to exercise at least every other day.  Avoid exercising late at night or just before bed, your brain needs time to relax.


Know yourself

Are you a morning person or do you work better in the evenings?  Plan your revision schedule and then fit in exercise during the times you don’t usually study.


Best foot forward!

Walk more, especially before an exam.  A short walk will help you to relax and focus.


Still not convinced?  Try one of the following short, targeted workout videos.

Yoga for anxiety and relaxation



Yoga to get you going



 Yoga for focus



 Quick stress Fix



HIIT - Burn off that nervous energy!










 No Equipment - 20 minute blast