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Northfleet Technology College


The ambition, breadth and balance of our curriculum will take your breath away.

There is an emphasis on STEAM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths and the Creative Arts), along with a wide range of sport, creative and vocational subjects.

In Years 7 to 9, we offer the chance to study these wide range of subjects so that every student can discover which disciplines they are passionate about. 

English, Geography, History, RE and some elements of ICT are delivered through our project based curriculum called GLAS (Great Learners Are Successful). GLAS has been highly successful in delivering the above subjects in a way which encourages students’ skills in independent learning, teamwork, presenting and evaluating. This has a significant impact on students’ ability to work more effective at KS4.

Literacy is at the heart of all lessons. This, alongside Numeracy, are fundamental to future success. All students in Years 7 and 8 have dedicated Literacy and Numeracy lessons which have been proven to substantially improve their ability to make better progress in other subjects.

The specialised approach to learning in Year 7 and 8 helps pupils to progress rapidly and makes the best use of teachers’ skills and experience. Local employers and parents support the emphasis you place on vocational courses that maintain pupils’ interest and lead to rapid progress for all. This curriculum helps pupils who arrive needing extra help to catch up with their learning. Ofsted, 2017

From the summer term of Year 9 onwards, we are then able to tailor programmes of study to each student based on their individual strengths, interests and future ambitions through a comprehensive GCSE offer. We start this process a term early to enable our Year 9 students to build firm foundations for their further GCSE study in Years 10 and 11.

The curriculum is well planned and sequenced across all years, including the sixth form. The curriculum is bold and ambitious. Subject leaders have worked hard to create a curriculum that is hierarchical and developmental. Ofsted, 2022

Our teachers have a deep enthusiasm for their subjects and are committed to providing high-quality and innovative teaching which develops intellectually curious, creative and caring young men who leave us equipped and excited for the next stage of their journey. Boys can discuss their academic options at every stage with their Learning Coach, or our Careers Advisor, to ensure they are making the appropriate choices to suit their aspirations.

Our unswerving commitment to high-quality and innovative teaching and learning has led to some outstanding results in recent years, with our Sixth Form being one of the highest achieving in the area. In 2017, we also received an award from the Schools, Student and Teachers Network for exceptional progress for our Year 11 students. However, we are never complacent and always strive to achieve even further success for our boys (and girls in the Sixth Form) at NTC.

The emphasis on academic rigour is blended with enriching experiences outside the classroom, ensuring our boys are prepared not only for their examinations, but are encouraged to discover new talents whilst deepening the ones they already have.

Our Curriculum

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