Sixth Form Media

Subject Title: Creative Media

Level: 3

BTEC Level 3 National Foundation Diploma in Creative Media Production

Exam Board: EdExcel

Grade Ranges: Distinction- Merit – Pass

How will this course be assessed

6 Units of which 4 are mandatory  (71%) and 2 are external (41%)

Information about the course to include units covered

This course comprises of 6 Units, which are studied over two academic years (year 12 and year 13). The course content involves students developing a range of skills within pre-production, production and postproduction for television and film. The course offers students an opportunity for both theoretical and practical study.  The course aims to provide students with a portfolio of work that reflects near professional media industry standards providing an excellent opportunity for students to follow their academic studies of media and film into higher education or employment within the creative media industry.

During Year 12, you will be taking 4 units for this qualification, Unit 4, 10,8 and 1. Units 1 and 8 are externally assessed units, lessons will cover the core content for these exams with an examination window for each exam in January 2019.

Year 12 (Year 1 of course)

  • Unit 4 Pre-Production Portfolio-Learners study the requirements of planning and delivering a digital media product, carrying out essential pre-production tasks and creating a pre-production portfolio.
  • Unit 10 Film Production – Fiction – This unit will focus on the process of producing a short narrative film or film extract that uses generic conventions.
  • Unit 8 Responding to a Commission (External Assessment)
  • Unit 1 Media Representations (External Assessment)

Year 13 (Year 2 of course)

  • Unit 6 Media Campaigns- Learners explore media campaigns to identify their purpose and features, and develop skills in campaign production to produce a cross-platform media campaign.
  • Unit 16 Factual Production- Learners study the requirements of factual audio visual programme production and learn how to produce their own factual programme for a digital media sector.
  • Unit 8 Responding to a Commission (Exam)
  • Unit 1 Media Representations (Exam)


External Assessment

The Unit 1 paper consists of a range of questions in regards to “Media Representations” Learners will consider how different media representations are constructed by media producers to create meaning, messages and values. In this unit, you will study a range of media from different sectors, such as music videos, short film extracts, animation, news programmes, websites, digital games and print adverts to explore how meaning, messages and values are constructed through formal and stylistic elements.

The Unit 8 paper This unit considers the commissioning process and how media producers respond to clients by generating ideas using a range of skills. In this unit, you will understand how to respond to a commission brief with ideas based on the required content, style, audience, purpose and approach proposed by the client. You will work within the requirements and constraints of the client’s specifications and consider your response in terms of ethos, format, budget, platform and duration.

Performance in the exam is graded as Pass, Merit or Distinction and to achieve a Pass you will need to achieve a 50% graded mark.

You must pass each of the exams to achieve the full qualification.


Unit 4 Pre-Production

In this introductory unit, you will be exploring different elements of pre-production. You will need to select an age appropriate fictional film and undertake some research based upon the following questions. The research that you undertake should be completed in detail (full sentences) illustrative examples (screen shots/images) from within your film should be used to support your answers. You may complete this research as PPT or Word document.

Complete a written synopsis of you selected film text.  (What is the film about? Who directed that film? Who stars in the film?)

  • What Genre is your selected film text?
  • Was the film shot on location or studio based? (both)
  • How much did the film cost to make? (Film Budget)
  • What did the film gross? (How much money did the film make)
  • Was any Product placement used within your selected film?
  • How did the BBFC rate your film and Why?