Sixth Form IBCP Diploma in Film Studies

Subject Title: Film Studies

BTEC or AS/ A2 levels:  AS

Grade ranges:  Level 1-7

Exam Board: IBCP

Method of assessment: Independent Study: External Assessment 25%

Rationale, script, and annotated list of sources for a documentary production (8-10 pages in length).

The independent Study is based upon the Film History and Theory component of the course, whilst also applying the textual analysis component. Students must produce a script for a complete short documentary production exploring an aspect of film theory or film history, based on the study of films from more than one country. The documentary should be targeted at an audience of film students in the 14 to 18 years age range.

Method of assessment: Independent Study: External Assessment 25%

An oral presentation of a detailed textual analysis of an extract from a prescribed film up to a maximum of 10 minutes. In this component, the student is required to make an oral presentation to the teacher of an analysis of an extract lasting no more than five minutes from a prescribed film. Students should be provided with the names of the three chosen films four weeks in advance of the presentation. They will select one film from the three and prepare their presentation within this four-week period

Method of assessment: Independent Study: Internal Assessment 50%

This component consists of a student’s completed film project of 4 – 5 minutes including titles and its accompanying documentation. Students submit a single production piece. The film may be created with groups of up to 4 people, but all the individual documentation must be individually produced. You may not present the same edit of the film project.
Documentation in Relation to the Film Production: Internal
Rationale of no more than 100 words. Written Commentary of no more than 1200 words.

Length of course: 2 academic years

Information about the course to include units covered:

Film is an important communication medium, social, cultural and creative art
form. The I.B film course aims to develop students’ interest and understanding of film through exploring a variety of film texts and theoretical readings.

Students will have the opportunity to become adept in both interpreting and making film texts and productions, gaining practical experience of professional film production equipment. The course will further develop students’ critical abilities,
enabling them to appreciate the multiplicity of cultural and historical perspectives in film. To achieve an understanding of internationalism within the world of film, students will be taught to consider film texts,
theories and ideologies from the points of view of different individuals, nations and cultures.

Entry requirements

GCSE English and Maths grade 4 or above, with three other subjects at a C/L2 Pass or above. GCSE/L2 Media would be a benefit.

Possible exit routes

University Degree Level Study of Film or Film Making. Digital Camera Operator, Cinematographer, Editor, Scriptwriter.