Key Stage 4 – GCSE History

What will I learn on this course?

Students will study AQA Schools History Project. The course is made up of three units. Two of the units will be assessed by a written examination; the final unit will be an in-class controlled assessment.

Study in Development

Unit 1A: Medicine Through Time (Written Paper)

What different kinds of forms of medical knowledge developed over timeIn the first section we will be looking at the development of Medicine through the years with the focus on the following across the different ages and changes England and the world went through.

  • How has medicine changed over the period?
  • Who determined medical progress?
  • How effective were individuals in different periods at developing medicine?
  • A special focus on Medicine in the First World War

Enquiry in Depth

Unit 2D: Germany, 1919 – 1945 (Written Paper)

Due to the new specifications introduced, new units will be added.In Unit 2, you will cover two topics. In the first topic the pupils will study Germany, 1918-1945. You will look at how Germany emerged from defeat in the First World War and why Hitler was able to control Germany by 1933. You will also look at what life was like in Nazi Germany and how much opposition there was to Nazi rule.

What qualification will I achieve?                                                   

A GCSE in History.

How can I find out more?

Speak to Mr Ratcliffe (ratcliffes@ntc.kent.sch.uk)

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