Key Stage 4 – GCSE Geography

What will I learn on this course?

The Geography GCSE course studies the modern world.  The course aims to broaden subject-specific knowledge and skills to improve the ability to work with greater independence in all types of training and education.

It may well be that you have not done much Geography before. However, our results are good at GCSE and students have enjoyed it, according to student surveys.

However, you would need to have a good level of literacy and enjoy writing a lot to be sure of success in this subject. It is not an easy option owing to volume of written work and the diversity of topics. People of higher ability do well however. The exams are made up of all question types, being multiple-choice, short answer, levels of response and extended prose (short essays).

The course is broken down as follows:

  • Exam One – Living with the Physical Environment (1 hour 30 minutes- 35% of GCSE)
  • The Challenge of Natural Hazards
  • Physical Landscapes in the UK
  • The Living World
  • Exam Two – Living with the Human Environment (1 hour 30 minutes- 35% of GCSE)
  • Urban Issues and Challenges
  • The Changing Economic World
  • The Challenge of Resource Management
  • Exam Three – Geographical Applications (1 hour- 30% of GCSE)
    • Issue Evaluation and Fieldwork

For this final exam we do fieldwork in Geography – usually to the coast. The exam board wants to know what happened here. Students need to supply a hypothesis, evidence, data collection, interpretation and evaluation of this trip in an exam. In addition, they will be sent data in March of each year to conduct a virtual fieldwork investigation thereof, using skills they learnt on their fieldwork trip,

How is this qualification taught and assessed?

It will be assessed by means of final terminal exams. There are three of them.

What qualification will I achieve?

A GCSE in Geography.

Where will this qualification take me?

The subject is particularly valuable for entrance to further post-GCSE study, as it is one of the few subject that is considered both a natural and a human science and is recognised as a major subject for both a BA and a BSc degree.

How can I find out more?

Speak to or email  Mr Brown or Mr Ray

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