Key Stage 3 Computing

What will I learn in this subject?

We provide students with a set of skills that will be of direct relevance to Year 10 Options, College/Sixth Form courses and employment.  The programme provides students with an understanding of why hardware and software tools are used and how to select the most appropriate methods.  Students will gain an understanding of the protocols and conventions involved in the design, creation and testing of solutions thereby increasing their intellectual range.  Computer Science elements, including Programming are introduced from Year 7.

What skills and themes are covered?

The following areas are covered during the Key Stage through GLAS and other subjects.

  • Finding Information
  • Using data and information sources
  • Searching and selecting
  • Organising and investigating
  • Strand 2 – Developing ideas
    • Analysing and automating processes
    • Models and modelling
    • Sequencing and instruction
  • Strand 3 – Communicating Information
    • Fitness for purpose
    • Refining and presenting information
    • Communications
  • Strand 4 –Evaluating
    • Evaluating

How is it assessed?

Ability level is assessed using the guidance and protocols in place for the NTC Standards.  As this changes NTC will adapt the assessment criteria as appropriate.

Assessment is applied throughout projects.  Guidance is provided on how well the evidence has been presented and what could be done to improve further.  Specific computing and ICT assessment is based on skill, originality and independence shown.

Where does this take me?

Key Stage 4 — GCSE Computing

Key Stage 5 — BTEC and A Level standard course introducing elements of Computer Science

University — Computer Studies, Computer Science, Software Engineering, Hardware Engineering


How can I find out more?

You can find out more by contacting Mr Jones at: or Ms Goldberg

British Government Announcement of School Closure - FOR SOME STUDENTS ONLY

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