6th Form Certificate in Financial Studies

Subject Title: Certificate in Financial Studies

Level : 3

Grade ranges: A*-E

Exam Board: IFS University College

Method of assessment: Modular Exams taken in January and April

Length of course: 1 Year

Information about the course to include units covered

The course comprises of two units.

Unit 1: Financial Capability for the Immediate and Short term (FCIS)

Purposes of money

The personal life cycle

Payment methods

Everyday banking

Savings products

Borrowing products


Customer protection

Budgets and forecasts

Dealing with unexpected events

Dealing with debt



Unit 2: Financial Capability for the Medium and Long Term (FCML)

Needs, wants and aspirations

Savings and investment products

Borrowing products

Dealing with long-term risks

Financial planning

Dealing with unforeseen events

Sources of information and advice

 Each unit is composed of four 1 hour sessions per week.


Entry requirements: There are no specified entry requirements. However, individuals need to be satisfied of their ability to study in English at Level 3.


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