Uniform and Equipment

Uniform & Equipment

For guidance and information on ordering your sons school uniform please follow this Uniform Flyer 2017

To order your sons school uniform please click here  www.pbparentsonline.co.uk/northfleet


Rationale & Sanctions

Parents are advised that they agree to their children wearing the school’s uniform when they accept a place at NTC.  Support for this policy has been overwhelming in feedback from parents.  Our rules are guided by a desire to ensure smartness but also that boys are properly protected from the elements.  Consequently, we will apply a range of sanctions as outlined in the School’s Behaviour Policy (Available on the School website) in order to ensure consistency in this matter.

Punishments can range from Order Marks to Working in Isolation in school.

We have purchased a stock of shoes which boys will be required to wear if they arrive in trainers.  These will always be sanitised before another boys is asked to wear them.


Black Blazer with school badge, black or dark grey trousers, white shirt, black fine knit ‘V’ neck pullover with no logo not sweatshirts, (hooded or otherwise), school tie, plain sensible black footwear with black soles & laces.

Coats should be sensible waterproof coats.  Trainers are only to be worn when playing games and certainly not whilst journeying to or from school except on those rare occasions when a boy has brought a note because of a genuine problem with his shoes new shoes will be provided on arrival.  Baseball caps and ‘hoodies’ are not in keeping with school uniform and should not be brought to school at all.


You are allowed to wear a watch and plain studs may be worn in the ear (two in total).  No facial piercings or other jewellery is to be worn.


Haircuts should be neat & tidy and conform to a simple style in keeping with the principle of school uniform.  Hair longer than a shirt collar is to be tied up at all times, unnatural hair colours are not allowed, no elements of shaved hair allowed (i.e. no less than No 2 clippers), emblems or patterns are not allowed to be cut into the hair.  Sixth Form hairstyles are to be sensible and looked at on an individual basis.  In the interests of safety, you are not allowed to wear excessive amounts of gel, mousse or any similar substance are not allowed.

Uniform & Equipment

YOU SHOULD PROVIDE YOURSELF WITH: Pens, pencils and rulers:

In order to make the most of your Secondary education, you need to be organised and to have the correct equipment for the right lessons.

You should have a school bag in which exercise books, text books and other basic school equipment and resources can be carried without becoming damaged or dirty.  Wet and muddy games kit, if carried in the same bag, will soon ruin books unless put in a separate compartment or container (e.g. a carrier bag); better still, PE kit should be transported in a separate bag.

Pencil Case containing:

  • A pen (preferably rollerball or fine line)
  • An HB pencil for general work and 2B and 2H pencils for Art & Technology
  • An eraser
  • A pencil sharpener
  • A 300mm ruler
  • Colouring pencilsBasic Mathematics Set containing:
  • A protractor
  • A pair of compasses
  • Set squares
  • A simple calculator
  • Other Useful Resources
  • (The above can be brought either as separate items or as a set)
  • A pocket English dictionary
  • If you are studying French or Spanish a pocket Language dictionary
  • A personal notebook / exercise book
  • An apron which can be worn in Art and Technology to protect ordinary clothing – this could be an old large shirt
  • A reading book
  • A memory Stick (USB)

Mobile Phones, Devices & Headphones

Mobile phones are allowed to be brought into school, however, the school accepts no responsibility for any loss or damages and all mobile telephone devices are brought to school at the owners risk.
Mobile phone and use of other electronic devices falls within the parameters of the school’s Student Code of Conduct for ICT policy
Mobile phones and/or Headphones are not to be used during lesson times unless for educational reasons as allowed or instructed by a member of staff.

Failure to comply with school rules will result in sanctions being issued.