Careers Advice and Guidance

Y10 Work Experience at NTC

Supporting our students on the next stage of their personal journey is central to what we do at Northfleet Technology College, with the quality of our provision being recognised by the school holding the Investors in Careers kite mark. No matter what point students are at on their road to their future career, we have a team of staff there to support and guide them forward with a range of advice and experiences.

The role of your Learning Coach:

  • Learning Coaches are the first point of contact for both students and parents if you need advice on anything careers related. If they don’t know the answer directly then they’ll know who is the right person to speak to.
  • They will also spend time in Community Hour and Learning Conversations teaching and discussing various career related issues.
  • For those in the Y12/13 there is a tailored programme of careers related sessions on a Wednesday morning.

Our Careers Team:

  • To support our Learning Coaches and students we also have a dedicated Careers Team who take care of the logistical side of our support as well as offering advice and guidance as needed.
  • The team consists of the following staff who each have there own area of expertise:
    • Mr J Morgan – Oversight of all careers related support
    • Mr S Ratcliffe – Community Business, Career and NEET Co-Corindator
    • Mrs Blacker – Universities and further training
    • Ms M Gorman – Apprenticeships and further training
    • Mr E Kadiki – Personal career interviews and guidance
    • Mrs D Setters – Work experience and related visits
    • Miss M O’Neill – UCAS Progress logins, tracking and support for Y11 students
  • If you are unsure who is best to contact for your query then please just email and your question will be answered by the most appropriate person.

Independent Careers Advise:

  • We also have an independent professional Careers Advisor who is available for group or one to one interviews for any student on a Wednesday.
  • Interviews and sessions are organised over the year for those identified as needing extra support with important career related choices.
  • Any student can also request an interview at anytime by contacting Steve Ratcliffe on the email above.

Work Experience:

  • We also aim to ensure every student has the opportunity to undergo some form of work experience that relates to their students or future career choices during their time with us.
  • In Year 10 students have the option to undertake upto 5 days work experience over a three month period to support them in their post 16 choices. This can include a block placement or a series of day releases for visits or meetings with visiting professionals.
  • In Y12 and 13 students are encouraged to take part in longer term placements that related to their students and support them with their post 18 choices.

Our careers programme builds year on year as students move through the school.  Examples of the activities carried out with students include:

  • Year 7
    • Career related projects
    • Team building activities
    • Skill evaluation
  • Year 8
    • Introduction to the National Careers Service and other sources of advice,
    • Options Information Evening and Careers Fair
    • A GLAS project on Careers
  • Year 10
    • Work Inspiration (Work Experience)
    • Tailored subject-specific careers talks and visits
  • Year 11
    • Focused Learning Conversations on post 16 choices
    • Careers and work-skills events and a Higher Education Evening
    • Sixth Form Option evening
    • Taster days
  • Year 12
    • Higher Education institution visit
    • UCAS Convention and personal statement support and further guidance interviews
    • Voluntary work within school and outside agencies
    • Extended Work Experience opportunities
  • Year 13
    • Further support with UCAS procedures and student finance
    • Interview skills and practise opportunities

Useful links:

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If you have any questions that are careers related please feel free to contact the careers team either via email at or by contacting reception.