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This website aims to inform you about why we are so proud of Northfleet Technology College. The words ‘going beyond’ encapsulate what the school aims to achieve with every student. We have the highest expectations and strive to ensure the whole school community works together so that every student can achieve their personal best.

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Northfleet Technology College places respect at its core. We have excellent systems of care and support to ensure that every student’s talents and abilities are recognised and developed. Our dedicated and enthusiastic staff provide the highest levels of learning in addition to ensuring our school is well ordered.

Northfleet Technology College benefits from a completely new school building which has been designed to meet the needs of 21st century learners. The building has a functional beauty which not only offers outstanding learning facilities but also ensures students feel safe and secure.

I hope very much that you will select NTC for your son’s secondary education. Should you visit us you will find a happy school which places good relationships and a friendly working atmosphere alongside a determination that nothing but the best will do for our students; the best staff, the best facilities and the best results that they are capable of achieving. If you place your son, and your trust, in NTC, we will go beyond to ensure that we will not let you down.

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Celebrating Our Successes

Kent Maths Contest

Maths Club

Once again our students entered the regional maths competition. Over 500 schools entered with a winner announced every day and an overall winner declared at the end of 7 days.

NTC won overall on their competing day and are hoping to come in the top ten and progress to the national competition on 31 March!

Celebrating World Pi Day

To recognise World Pi day on the 14 March (written in USA as 3.14) learning coach groups had the opportunity to enter our World Pi Day poem challenge.

The aim was to write a verse with the number of words in each line corresponding to the digits of pi. Prizes were to be awarded for the best poem and the entry who could use as many decimal places of pi in their poem.

The longest any group reached 38 decimal places. The poem was written by Jack and Hayden (HHL)

The winning poem was written by

Harjeevan and Kai (ZWD)


Who likes pie?
Is my favourite kind.
Is my favourite fruit. Yum!
Rhubarb is so sweet, it makes my mouth bubble.
Shepherd’s Pie!
A treat after a long day.
It brings a family together;
Great British Tradition.
Sweet or savoury, you decide
A bite will nourish your taste buds forever.
Cooking it is a treat too. It is fun.
I dream about pie, day and night
I think to myself will mum make it tonight?
Such a joy
It’s good

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World Book Day


NTC History Society

Sports Day 2016

Art Exhibition

High School Musical